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SST launch ShotSpotter SiteSecure gunfire detection and analysis system to thwart attacks on vulnerable Critical Infrastructure

SST the maker of ShotSpotter Flexâ„¢ gunfire detection and analysis, extended its proven technology and service offerings with the launch of ShotSpotter SiteSecure for Critical Infrastructure, created to meet the unique protection needs of large, strategic, critical facilities. ShotSpotter SiteSecure for Critical Infrastructure is a reliable and cost-effective security solution designed to detect gunfire and explosive attacks on energy substations, bulk electrical power grids, airports and other large outdoor structures. ShotSpotter SiteSecure for Critical Infrastructure offers a wide area of security coverage, as opposed to point solution that can only detect triggers directly in front of them. ShotSpotter SiteSecure with "reviewed alerts" provides an instant alert service 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Securing Critical Infrastructure with Unmatched Threat Detection

ShotSpotter SiteSecure for Critical Infrastructure is an unprecedented gunfire detection system designed to protect and secure any substation or power-related facility in the event of an active shooter attack or explosive attack. Due to their remote area locations, electrical substations are particularly vulnerable to attacks because they are typically not overseen by local law enforcement. Organizations using SiteSecure benefit from complete 360-degree detection capabilities including:

• Early Threat Detection
• Ongoing gunshot location alerts
• Enhanced tactical response
• Wide-area protection capable of pinpointing gunfire up to 500 meters away

"Last year's Metcalf breach was an important teaching moment for us: simple non-integrated security point solutions - and those that focus exclusively on cyber attacks - leave us vulnerable to potential breaches and compromise security of our critical infrastructure," said Ralph A. Clark, CEO of SST. "The industry needs layered security solutions to protect physical assets. Wide area acoustic gunshot detection and alerting must be a part of any comprehensive security and surveillance program designed to protect our strategic critical infrastructure."

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