World Security Report2014-09-24 06:58:41

Senstar is showcasing its latest generation ranging fence-mounted sensor, FlexZone at security essen 2014.

An innovative technology that enables flexible zoning through software, FlexZone can detect and localize multiple simultaneous intrusions with three meter location accuracy.

FlexZone builds upon Senstar's 30 plus years of perimeter security experience to deliver a sensor that is adaptable to a wide variety of fences, easy to install, provides networking capability for remote configuration and alarm reporting, and works reliably in the harshest environments.

Using signals generated by the minute flexing of its sensor cable, FlexZone detects and locates intruders climbing, cutting or lifting the fence fabric and can discriminate between intrusion signals and environmental noise. FlexZone supports 600 meters of sensor cable per processor, creates zones through software, and carries power and data on the sensor cable - dramatically reducing infrastructure costs.

SECURITY is the perfect venue to introduce FlexZone's unique capabilities to the security market. For a demonstration of FlexZone, visit Senstar representatives at Booth 4.215, and learn more about Senstar's other technologies for perimeter intrusion, including FiberPatrol - our ranging fiber optic intrusion detection system, and OmniTrax - our award-winning ranging buried cable detection system.

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