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Rapiscan Systems Launches DETECTRA HX Hand-Held Explosive Trace Detection System

Rapiscan Systems has announced the launch of the RAPISCAN DETECTRA HX, a lightweight and low-cost handheld, explosive trace detection solution. Featuring rapid and accurate detection capabilities, DETECTRA HX is designed with high throughput and high detection capabilities that are essential for law enforcement, event and border protection professionals, among others.

The RAPISCAN DETECTRA HX is an easy-to-operate handheld device capable of detecting trace explosives in both particulate and vapor form on surfaces that may have directly or indirectly absorbed explosive residues. For more sensitive, accurate and rapid detection, the DETECTRA HX offers a swipe sampling system and includes a touch-free inhalation sampling method for threat scenarios that involve highly unpredictable explosives compositions.

The RAPISCAN DETECTRA HX is designed to detect a broad range of common commercial and homemade explosive materials that may exist within a single sample, thereby achieving lower false alarm rates. Designed to minimize operating costs and increase uptime, the DETECTRA HX requires only two consumables and does not require many of the maintenance steps that are typically associated with explosive trace detection systems.

"The RAPISCAN DETECTRA HX was completely designed with the end-user in mind," said Brad Buswell, President, Rapiscan Systems North America. "Not only does the solution detect threats with tremendous accuracy, it also features an intuitive user interface with just three-buttons and detects threats in seconds. Operator training can take as little as an hour, which means that the DETECTRA HX is easy to deploy."

The system uses a unique, ionization source that carries U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Exempt Distribution status. As such there are no end-user radiation licensing requirements for use within the United States

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