World Security Report2014-10-06 11:42:42

Video Inform to Unveil Breakthrough Intelligence Software; Provides Unmatched Detection and Profiling of Targets for Imagery Intelligence

Video Inform, a developer of cutting-edge cognitive vision technologies and solutions, will unveil at the upcoming AUSA event its breakthrough intelligence software in the area of target detection and acquisition on aerial/satellite imagery, the 'Visual Profiler'. The software is designed for operational Geospatial Intelligence and airborne ISR missions and applications.

Visual Profiler, a visual search engine, provides detection and profiling of targets from aerial/satellite images in real time. This capability enables the rapid delivery of intelligence information to forces in the field. The system provides unlimited target-object definition and profiling flexibility, including vehicles, specific vehicle types, infrastructure and foundations. A unique interactive user feedback mechanism continuously improves the level of precision and enables adaptability to new user needs. The software - which provides an intuitive user-friendly interface and investigation tools - can be used as a stand-alone solution or as an add-on to an existing GIS imagery management system.

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