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STANLEY Security announce the launch of Stanley Guardâ„¢ - an innovative personal alarm safety system.

Stanley Guardâ„¢ is a Smartphone application which provides personal security and assists in protecting potentially vulnerable people; these could include lone workers or any person who could be at risk within their working environment, as well as individuals out for an evening.

Rodney Foot, Product Manager at STANLEY Security explains: "With Stanley Guardâ„¢ we are expanding our monitoring services of protecting business premises to also protecting the employees and indeed friends and families of those employees".

Compatible with devices working on Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows Operating Systems, Stanley Guardâ„¢ is an exceptionally easy to use personal safety system. With one "Shake" or "Slide" on the activated app, an alert is sent to the Stanley Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) with the user's exact GPS location and live video / audio to enable the trained operator to review the data to verify the alert. They will then call the user to ensure the user's safety. If there is no answer or there is evidence to suggest a threat to that person, the pre set alarm escalation contacts - or the emergency services if the situation is dangerous enough - will be immediately called in order to get help quickly.

Stanley Guardâ„¢ comes with a range of additional safety services including an Amber Alert which is a timed alert set by the user if there is a potential loss of phone signal within a building or area; after that time frame, if the alert is not deactivated the ARC will be alerted and will monitor the situation. A Man Down alarm, which is automatically activated if there is no movement of the phone in a pre set time frame (configured by the user), is another useful function, especially for those working in agriculture or building industries. In addition, the Stanley Guardâ„¢ App comes with a Sound Alarm to deter potential attackers and attract maximum attention.

As added safety measures, Stanley Guardâ„¢ features a covert trigger activation on Android & Blackberry devices, plus a duress PIN number which, when entered, sends out an alert to the operator stating you have been forced into cancelling Stanley Guardâ„¢.

Stanley Guardâ„¢ is suitable for an exceptionally wide range of work and play activities, from estate agents visiting properties, to construction and building workers who may be at risk of a fall or injury, to people going for a night out or on a first date. In fact Stanley Guardâ„¢ has already been adopted by leading online dating agency Cupid PLC. Stanley Guardâ„¢ will be offered to all 6 million members across the Cupid brands as part of its service. It provides Cupid customers with a genuine personal safety system (and peace of mind) and provides Cupid with another string to its bow.

Exceptionally reliable, it operates across any available data connection (GPRS, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G etc) and uses the Amazon cloud infrastructure to send alarm information to minimize single points of failure. All alarms are received at STANLEY's 24/7 fully monitored and accredited Alarm Receiving Centre by fully trained operatives.

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