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Swedish and UK CBRN Specialists Form Partnership to offer consultancy and training

CBRN ACADEMY/Swedish Rescue Training Centre AB and Lutra Associates Limited form partnership offering improved strategy, doctrine and equipment advice and realistic training for CBRNe, Hazmat, Civil and Disaster Relief.

Skövde Sweden, Stalbridge, Dorset, UK. 16th Oct 2014. A new CBRNe training partnership and facility is announced today which capitalises on the skills of the CBRN Academy (SCP)/Swedish Rescue Training Centre (SRTC) based in Skövde Sweden and Lutra Associates of Stalbridge Dorset. The partnership is designed to assist clients better understand, prepare and deal with the problems caused by CBRNe, Hazmat, Civil and Disaster Relief.

The new team will serve government, civilian emergency services, the military and private corporations and individuals alike. Physically centred on the highly qualified instructors and outstanding and extremely realistic SRTC's training facilities near Skövde in Sweden and making use of Lutra's worldwide network of instructors, and subject matter experts the new partnership will be able to offer a single provider of these capabilities across the wide and diverse spectrum these subjects represent.

Specialists covering all aspects of CBRNe, Hazmat, and Civil Rescue ranging from national strategy to individual skills and drills and from protection of VIPs, the civil population and national infrastructure to dealing with medical issues to contamination and hazard management will be available to guide clients through the maze of issues involved with ensuring the equipment and professionalism of their armed forces and responders and safety of their populations and infrastructure meet the highest standards. The partnership's specialists include current and former members of government laboratories, armed forces, civil rescue services, academia, law enforcement organizations, procurement agencies and the medical profession as well as noted strategists and commentators on the subject.

The constant change of threats and risks in the domestic and international environment has significantly increased the need for training within the CBRNe/Hazmat area over the last five years. SRTC and CBRN Academy have worked in partnership for more than three years. The synergies of this cooperation create a unique platform which is now being developed further. Also unique in the area are the ISO certifications, 9001 and 14001, awarded to the SRTC facility.

The SRTC and SCP network creates a cluster of skills, resources and facilities that few, if any, can match. The cluster provides SRTC and CBRN Academy with an internationally recognised CBRNe education platform. The platform uniquely provides world-wide; consulting, education, training and products within CBRNe backed by a facility and training and testing regime which are second to none.

What makes this education unique, are the level of skills and experience of the instructors coupled with the facilities offered on all CBRN/SRTC courses. This means SRTC/CBRN Academy are highly regarded internationally as their working experience is based on a track-record and experience from:

• Government agencies (Swedish Customs, Swedish Army)
• First responders
• Swedish Police
• Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)
• Swedish Rescue Services Agency, SRSA (Räddningsverket)

Speaking in Sweden Johan Carlqvist, Managing Director of CBRN Academy and Ola Johansson, CEO of SRTC, said "We are delighted to form this partnership bringing us together with Lutra's diverse and international range of associates. Lutra has specialists in areas we do not and it pulls together a team that can offer our clients the advice and solutions they need in exactly the form and location they need it. This partnership makes a single team available to anyone, and that is almost everyone, who needs cross discipline CBRNe/Hazmat advice and training."

From Stalbridge in UK Tim Otter CEO of Lutra commented "The depth and scope of this partnership and its geographical coverage is part of its strength. The phenomenal training facilities, that CBRN Academy/SRTC have, which I have described as 313 acres of pure realism, are surely some of the best in the World, and the diversity, depth of knowledge and experience both partners have mean we will be able to offer everything from discussions with heads of state to sanity checking plans for local consequence managers and from dry training to extremely realistic team and unit testing. With experts covering export control and counter proliferation and ranging from protection of individuals to implementation of major medical responses, we are delighted to be part of this partnership which we all feel will be immensely helpful to those who have to plan for and manage the daunting diversity of problems these topic cause."

Also commenting on the announcement Dan Kaszeta, Managing Director of Strongpoint Security, a noted author on CBRNe/Hazmat and a Lutra Senior Associate said, "The nature of this partnership is one of mutual respect between fellow professionals. The facilities and quality of advice available is mutually supporting and there are people available to help people who need it, in the most appropriate way. The range of equipment at the training centre, including its live agent facilities, is outstanding so training and testing is possible from individual skills and drills to unit live agent testing. Leaders can set their own timetable or work to one put together by the staff and should they wish, within Swedish safety rules, they can bring their own equipment."

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