World Security Report2014-11-20 10:36:26

Airbus Defence and Space now capable of transmitting border security sensor data via satellite

Unique border security solution for short, medium and long-range data transmission launched Airbus Defence and Space has launched its new solution for transmitting mission-critical data from remote border security sensor sites to central operation centres via satellite. Moreover, control and analysis software applications for border security sensors can be operated over this same robust link. This gives border security authorities access to a unique border security capability.

Up until now, there was no alternative to expensive and time-consuming long-distance connections with copper cables or fibre-optic links. While traditional terrestrial links - optical fibres for medium distances, for example, and microwaves for short distances - can still be used where the infrastructure is available and the terrain is suitable, these communication bearers can now be complemented by highly adaptable and affordable secure satellite communications to more remote sites in difficult terrain. The same solution can be used to provide short-term ‘interim' availability and to deliver connectivity to mobile sensors.

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