World Security Report2015-01-05 10:00:48

Kratos Receives $26 Million in Critical Infrastructure Security Awards

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions has announced that its Public Safety & Security Solutions (KPSS) Division has recently received approximately $26 million in new critical infrastructure security awards, including the deployment of a specialized comprehensive security system for a major mass transit authority in the United States.

Under these recent contracts awards, Kratos will design, engineer, deploy and integrate into command and control infrastructure specialized security systems and assets, including video surveillance, access control, physical asset protection and other security elements. KPSS is a leading public safety, security and critical infrastructure protection system integrator in the United States. Due to customer specific and other considerations, no additional information will be provided.

Ben Goodwin, President of KPSS, said, "Our entire organization is proud to have received these recent contract awards for the protection of our country's most important critical infrastructure and mass transportation networks."

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