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New sensor from Med-Eng improves understanding of cumulative blast exposure and helps increase tactical officer safety

An innovative device - The Blast Tracker - from Med-Eng® is arming front line personnel and those who routinely face blast and shockwave events with valuable information. With exposure data instantly displayed and logged to a personalized unit not much larger than a credit card, The Blast Tracker can be mounted almost anywhere. The unit captures valuable data for better understanding of blast overpressure on the body's critical organs, correlation with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), and addresses the practical need to mitigate risks to users during live operations and training.

The Blast Tracker is the most advanced device of its kind, bringing current, historical and cumulative blast exposure to users' fingertips. Unlike other sensors, the Blast Tracker displays, records and wirelessly downloads specific blast event data in the field, allowing field personnel to make decisions without delay.

"Protecting frontline personnel is at the core of what Med-Eng does and we are proud to be at the leading edge of this increasingly important occupational health effort," said Dr. Aris Makris, Med-Eng Chief Technology Officer.

The Blast Tracker is Bluetooth-enabled for wireless download and on-the-spot data analysis, which gives team leaders instant feedback for positioning their forces in safer configurations. The palm-sized sensor easily mounts on a helmet, body, or physical structure. Its battery recharges wirelessly, eliminating cables and allowing it to be deployed in the field for up to 100 hours of operation over a duration of up to a year on a single charge.

With historical and cumulative forensic data recorded on a Blast Tracker, medical providers can glean valuable knowledge about how traumatic brain injuries and related conditions correlate to repeated blast exposure - substantial health issues that are currently poorly understood. For unexpected blast events, the device can also be used as a ‘black box' of forensic data.

Noted Dr. Makris, "We believe the Blast Tracker will become an integral part of responsible health and safety practices by helping identify those who could be at risk, so preventive action can be taken before significant injury occurs."

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