World Security Report2015-01-27 06:17:04

Earlier threat detection PLATH with the new PLATH-System for maritime business

MACSS is the new compact communication signal surveillance system for maritime business. The new system detects threats even beyond the visual horizon

MACSS combines a highly sensitive lightweight antenna and a high-performance seven channel direction finding receiver with integrated map and analysis software modules in a compact solution. The system operator can benefit from the acute accuracy of the sensors and the exceptional dynamic range, as well as from fast processing and easy-to-interpret data results. With MACSS threats can be detected earlier compared to the use of radar and optical sensors.

MACSS supplies a fast, detailed and comprehensive picture of communication signals in the surrounding sea environment, thereby providing an important contribution to coastal surveillance and self-protection.

MACSS is a PLATH´s turnkey solution. This guarantees easy installation and maintenance. Starting with the basic version onwards, the system can be expanded at any time thanks to its scalable and modular components: The performance can be further optimized without any major effort. This can be done, for example, by incorporating more powerful components regarding speed, accuracy and data fusion.

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