World Security Report2015-02-03 10:30:52

Belden's WLAN Software Enables Secure and Reliable Wireless Connections

Belden Inc. has updated its Hirschmann HiLCOS 9.0 WLAN software for maximum network availability and data security across wireless connections.

"Our goal is to help industrial networks achieve wireless connections that match the reliability of wired solutions and the enhancements we've made to HiLCOS 9.0 do just that," said Product Manager Andreas Gramer. "Through our OpenBAT family, which is supported by this new software version, network managers can confidently use wireless technology in their mission-critical applications - especially when distance or environmental conditions make wired options too expensive or challenging."

HiLCOS 9.0 helps ensure the highest-available wireless connection, while also protecting industrial networks from malicious behavior. Many markets, such as transportation (railways), power transmission and distribution, oil and gas, renewable energy, machine building and other hazardous environments, can benefit from the software's newest features.

"In addition to reliability, securing wireless networks is vital to plant safety, data integrity and around-the-clock operation," adds Gramer. The updated software enables network managers to monitor and control human and machine network flows, while also protecting traffic from unwanted threats or attacks.

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