World Security Report2015-02-24 12:37:06

Amika Mobile wins Contract to Deliver Automated Event Alert/Response to the Canada Border Services Agency

Amika Mobile's situational awareness, command and control products have been selected through a competitive process for a project with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The project is funded by the Build in Canada Innovation Program that funds SMEs to bring innovative solutions to government of Canada departments.

AMS receives sensor events and automatically generates alerts and receives responses from security personnel with the Amika Situation Commander module. The module tracks 2-way alert/response including ones from Amika®Panic and Amika® I-am-OK mobile applications. The project will include a Small Cell technology trial with CBSA to evaluate sending public alerts at border crossings and airports in the absence of mobile phone addressing information.

"We are keen to work with the CBSA testing out critical alert/response to track events and notifications to groups or en masse. The CBSA is responsible for border crossings where more than 100 million people and 65 million cars and trucks cross annually," said Amika Mobile CEO Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima.

Amika Mobile's AMS enables situational awareness, information sharing, rapid 2-way communications across devices and networks, and control through advanced integration with physical security to issue lockdowns or turn on strobe lights, etc. AMS can trigger any layer alerts including VoIP, SMS, Pop-ups, web, overhead displays, digital signs, twitter, tickers, etc. based on sensor events from access control, fire panels, camera systems, building automation, government agency or weather alerting feeds, panic buttons, etc. The CBSA project combines AMS with Amika Situation Commander, Amika®Panic and Amika® I-am-Ok mobile apps.

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