World Security Report2015-03-05 13:32:05

Tucson Becomes 16th Major City to Deploy TASER's AXON Body Cameras;

TASER International today announced large orders of it's AXON body-worn video cameras and solution, a back-end digital evidence management system. These orders were received in the first quarter of 2015 and are expected to ship in the first quarter of 2015. The company further announced last week that the number of agencies on the platform recently surpassed 5,000, or more than a quarter of law enforcement agencies in the United States.

"As we continue to see accelerated adoption of the AXON and platform, we now believe the shift to cloud-connected wearable cameras has moved beyond the early adopter phase and is now well into the mainstream of policing," said Rick smith, CEO and Founder of TASER. "This is a very exciting time for us, and we are deeply honored to have the opportunity to work with the thought leaders in public safety to again drive a widespread technology sea change that will ultimately make the world a safer place."

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