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Senstar has announced enhancements to its FlexZone state-of-the-art ranging fence-mounted sensor that enables flexible zoning through software.

Tripling zone support, extending power around the perimeter, and boasting even better performance, FlexZone now features:

60-Zone Support: Each FlexZone processor supports up to 600 m of sensor cable and can now be configured in software to support up to 60 distinct, individually-sized detection zones (it previously supported 20). FlexZone's fine-grained zoning enables accurate camera pointing which reduces operator response time and allows zones for gates and entranceways to be defined without auxiliary equipment.
Power Supply Sharing: FlexZone now supports up to five processors per power supply (it previously supported three). This allows FlexZone to be installed at large sites while requiring access to only one or two power points, making installation easier and reducing material and labor costs.
EDAPT: Environmentally Derived Adaptive Processing Technology (EDAPT) mitigates the effects of wind and heavy rain. Using its precision ranging capability, FlexZone accounts for the background environmental noise level in the vicinity of a disturbance before declaring an alarm.
Stewart Dewar, Senstar's Product Manager, said: "When Senstar first launched FlexZone in April 2014, we introduced a top quality, cost-effective, and easy-to-install perimeter intrusion detection product. To date, installations of FlexZone in North America and Europe have gone smoothly and our customers have been happy with the ease of implementation and its operation.

"Since its launch, and as part of Senstar's commitment to innovation, we have continued to look for ways to make FlexZone even better. The enhancements we have made help to reinforce FlexZone as an excellent choice for protecting both large and small sites."

Other enhancements to FlexZone include audio output of fence response and internal alarm queuing in case of network interruption.

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