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Wurldtech Partners with DEKRA to expand OT Security Certifications Worldwide

GE has announced that Wurldtech has reached a partnership with testing authority DEKRA to expand its industry-leading Achillesâ„¢ certifications. While other organizations have been approved as accredited partners, DEKRA is the first independent company licensed as an accredited certification authority. Through this partnership, DEKRA will bring the Achilles Communications Certification and Achilles Practices Certification to customers globally.

Wurldtech performs operational technology (OT) security and cyber security assessments for operators and suppliers of industrial systems — and has developed robust security benchmark and certification programs. For suppliers, Achilles Communications Certification and Achilles Practices Certification serve as a standard for industrial system robustness and security policy best practice. Together, the two certifications have helped manufacturers prevent hundreds of vulnerabilities from entering the market.

GE acquired Wurldtech in May 2014 as part of its efforts to protect critical infrastructure and advance cyber security globally for key industries like energy, oil and gas, and power and water. Its solutions and services are used in complex environments such as oil refineries, power transmission grids or for individual assets like medical devices or smart meters. Wurldtech also offers the Achilles Industrial Next Gen Firewall, an industry-leading advanced network security solution that monitors and blocks malicious activity and attacks.

Through this partnership, DEKRA will gain the ability to certify customers using Achilles proprietary tools and methodologies, including Wurldtech hardware and software solutions. DEKRA will also work with Wurldtech to further enhance its certification programs.

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