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Intel Security launches new technology to protect vital electric power grid

Intel Security has unveiled an innovative technology platform that has the ability to ensure the protection of the electric power grid. Intel Security Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) was created in partnership with the Discovery Across Texas project, and has been deployed at Texas Tech University.

"The risk of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure is no longer theoretical, but building security into the grid is challenging due to the amount of legacy infrastructure and the importance of availability of service," according to Lorie Wigle, Vice President of Internet of Things Security Solutions for Intel Security. "Traditional security measures such as patching and rebooting are often inappropriate for the grid, so we set out to design something entirely different that could be non-invasive but simultaneously robust."

The main benefit that companies requiring solutions from the global critical infrastructure protection market will gain from utilising Intel Security CIP is the separation of the security management and operational applications, meaning that operations can be managed more securely with accurate monitoring. Both modern and legacy infrastructure can be secured easily and cost effectively by using the Intel Security CIP, with this solution having the ability to quickly be integrated with existing company software.

Global critical infrastructure protection market is expected to reach total sales of US$114bn by 2019, with a high growth of 10% CAGR forecast until 2019. One of the key drivers in the market is the rising spending in IT globally. There is also increasing investment in smart grid technology, mainly in developing countries such as Singapore, Thailand and China. Many infrastructure owners are protecting their assets by introducing standards in training and security.Global critical infrastructure protection market

Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Kaspersky Lab are some of the leading companies in the global critical infrastructure protection market. Industries ranging from transportation, oil and gas pipelines and smart grids are becoming increasingly important in the market, with cyber threats and growing regulations helping growth.

The transportation and energy industries are growing rapidly in the global critical infrastructure protection market, as these sectors rely heavily on the use of information technology. Certain infrastructure sectors are vulnerable to attack and would heavily damage society in many countries if they were targeted. For this reason vital infrastructure facilities are using more solutions in the global critical infrastructure protection market to limit the effects of potential attacks.

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