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Passenger Profiling - Passenger Profiling is a method for identifying illegal travellers, criminals and terrorists by behavioural analysis, documentation and expert observation and/or questioning techniques.

Profiling can selectively target certain individuals for additional searches and questioning and quickly isolate those few individuals who might warrant more thorough scrutiny by security personnel.

Course Overview

Renful deliver seminars that will help dispel the myths that surround profiling by explaining the differences between profiling and crude stereotyping.

Profiling requires unique skills as the clues are invariably subtle and the time to observe them is limited. This seminar is designed to equip all participants with the knowledge, techniques and practical skills required to organise and implement an effective Profiling System at their location.

Renful's unique Seminar features informative lectures, multimedia presentations, discussions, expert analysis and a variety of creative exercises. Role-play scenarios are also used to put theory into practice.

Course Modules

Security Risk Assessment
Profiling - The Concept, The Need
Current Uses of Profiling
Implementing Profiling
Observation & Detailed Analysis Techniques
Questioning Techniques
Past Events Analysis
Introduction to Document Checking
General Information

Seminar is carried out over 3 days
Fee includes lunch and light refreshments, served each day
Seminar hours: 09:00hrs to 16:30hrs daily
Participants will earn a S.T.O.P. Security Training Certificate in Passenger Profiling

Who should attend this profiling seminar?

Airport, airline and seaport security managers and officers
Representatives from Embassies and Consulates
Police officers and other law enforcement personnel
Security managers from corporate companies and postal authorities
Security officers from high security installations
Government representatives involved in Security, Customs and Immigration

Provider: Renful

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