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SATcaseâ„¢ is a revolutionary device that has been designed to provide reliable communication in life-threatening situations.

The SATcaseâ„¢ works by transforming the common smartphone into a sophisticated, satellite phone. Therefore communication is still possible outside of mobile range, if coverage is cut off in a disaster and in the most remote parts of the globe. The transformation is seamless: after placing their smartphone inside a durable, ruggedised case, users simply install the accompanying application. The resulting device runs on a familiar operating system that is also loaded with cutting-edge technology able to assist those in extreme emergency conditions.

During an emergency time is a luxury most can ill-afford and the chances for survival decrease dramatically as time continues to pass. The SATcaseâ„¢ is equipped with a smart mix of emergency features that can reduce the time it takes Search and Rescue (SAR) teams to locate people accurately. This includes an SOS button, two way rescue communications, online track and trace for live monitoring, silent alarms and infrared strobes for victims of kidnapping.

The device uses technology that can be utilised by SAR teams searching by land, air and sea. Much of the technology built into the unit is something that was previously available only to the military and professionals such as commercial pilots and ship's captains but now anyone can take advantage of this simple yet intuitive system.

Company founder and CEO, Jim Thomson, stated, "We are extremely proud to be introducing SATcaseâ„¢ to the market this year. This is a vital piece of advanced technology that will help save the lives of people all over the world. The practical applications of our system are also impressive. Users can maintain communications no matter where they are on Earth and unlike traditional satellite phones there's no need to carry multiple units because our device serves multiple purposes."

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