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Belden and Tripwire Announce NERC CIP Strategy

Tripwire and Belden have announced a market leading NERC CIP compliance and cyber security strategy that will allow power transmission and distribution organizations to reliably and confidently monitor operational technology assets for a range of conditions that can impact compliance status and cyber security posture.

"The risk of cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure is no longer theoretical, but building security into the grid is challenging due to expensive legacy infrastructure and 24/7 forever uptime requirements," said Mark Weatherford, principal at the Chertoff Group and former U.S. government official. "Solutions that automate and simplify NERC compliance are crucial in improving the security and resilience of our energy grid."

The Belden family of products jointly provides cyber security solutions designed to protect critical energy infrastructure from end to end - from the information technology in the business center to operational technology used in the substation. Belden customers also receive the deepest, broadest NERC CIP compliance coverage available in the market.

Tripwire's NERC Solution Suite combines Tripwire® Enterprise, Tripwire IP360â„¢ and Tripwire Log Center®, award-winning security configuration management, vulnerability management and incident detection solutions. The suite includes specialized intelligence, such as policy rules, correlation rules, tools, templates, customized reports and dashboards, derived from working with more than 100 NERC-registered entities and the NERC Regional Auditor community.

Designed for the unique demands of critical infrastructure, Belden's GarrettCom industrial routers and switches are NERC CIP compliant and provide security controls, including secure network management and secure access management. Belden Tofino products provide a purpose-built firewall with Layer 2 filtering designed for SCADA substation security.

"Belden is taking the lead in providing cyber security and compliance solutions that address the unique requirements of mission critical infrastructure in the energy market," said Dhrupad Trivedi, president of Industrial IT for Belden. "We are pioneering solutions to deliver intelligent infrastructure that utilizes state of the art cyber security tools while delivering business-friendly compliance solutions."

In addition to market leading products, the strategy also includes customized service offerings from NERC-experienced consultants, as well as remote management solutions. While these solutions are designed to improve cyber security, they also dramatically reduce the time and resources required to pass NERC CIP audits and minimize audit findings. In addition, Belden provides the industry's first vendor-led industrial certification program, which validates that network infrastructures are built to the highest standards and have the ability to evolve and meet changing customer needs.

"Critical infrastructure protection requires specialized knowledge and expertise that deeply appreciates the importance of uptime," said Rekha Shenoy, vice president of business and corporate development for Tripwire. "Tripwire already protects nine out of the top 10 utilities in the U.S. and brings years of experience monitoring and protecting mission critical systems. Our combined products uniquely combine these solutions to provide the broadest and deepest security and compliance solutions for the energy market."

An early innovator in industrial Ethernet, Belden knows industrial IT and is delivering the next generation of industrial networking solutions. Its global brands - Hirschmann, GarrettCom and Tofino Security - are leading the way in the adoption of industrial Ethernet. With a purpose-built portfolio, Belden's wired, wireless and embedded products deliver the highest confidence of reliability, availability and security. In addition, excellent warranties and dedicated customer support minimize downtime, protect critical infrastructure and provide peace of mind.

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