World Security Report2015-05-19 01:11:52

Fort Knox becomes energy independent. Whether it is through natural gas, solar or wave power, is this the way forward for at least some of our critical national infrastructure?

Fort Knox recently displayed its ability to operate without external power during a ceremony recently, an achievement expected to save the post $8 million a year and prompted by a crippling ice storm a few years ago.

It will be the first U.S. military post to achieve complete energy independence. The post is converting natural gas, from 28 mines beneath the installation, into electricity at six power generating sites at Fort Knox.

Savings are realized by switching to Fort Knox-produced power when energy demand strains power plants outside the post.

The post said the project was developed to avoid a situation that occurred in 2009 when an ice storm left Fort Knox and much of Kentucky without power for several days.

They have also installed diesel power generation systems as backup.

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