World Security Report2015-06-02 04:36:58

Siemens focuses on solutions business for building security

Effective June 1, 2015, the Siemens Building Technologies Division has completed the sale of its "Security Products" business. This product business, which offers hardware for intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance, was transferred to the renowned U.S. security company Vanderbilt. Since all affected employees moved to Vanderbilt, their jobs were preserved. The U.S. company will be an important product supplier to Building Technologies over the long term.

This successfully concludes Building Technologies' divestment of its non-strategic "Security Products" business. More than ever, the Division is now focusing its efforts on creating comprehensive integrated security solutions for its customers, ranging from office buildings for multinational corporations to critical infrastructures such as airports or energy suppliers.

"Of course we continue to offer our own security products from our broad Siveillance portfolio as well as security for Desigo CC," said René Jungbluth, head of the solutions business at Building Technologies. "Security solutions are a fundamental pillar of our offering. By focusing on our state-of-the-art software-based security solutions, we are expanding our traditional strengths in the solutions business for building technologies. We therefore remain a strong and reliable partner for our customers."

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