World Security Report2015-06-08 10:40:21

Axis expands its modular miniature camera offering with three new sensor units

AXIS F Network Camera Series offers three new sensor units for highly discreet network video surveillance: a super small and affordable HDTV 720p sensor unit with optional surface dome and recessed mounts for installation in indoor environments such as in stores and automated teller machines (ATMs), as well as an indoor and outdoor HDTV 1080p sensor units in an easy-to-install, recessed dome form factor.

Axis Communications, the world leader in network video, today announces that its modular AXIS F Network Camera Series, which is based on a divided network camera concept, offers three additional sensor units for use with its two main units. The small sensor units, which comprise a lens, image sensor and cable for connection to a main unit, can be installed discreetly in tight places and are sold separately from the main units. The main units house the processor, network, power, SD card slot and other connections and can be installed away from public view. This setup not only offers customers a highly discreet video surveillance solution, but also the flexibility to choose the units that best fit the particular demands of an installation.

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