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Egidium Technologies provides its security supervision solution 'Event Monitor' again for Paris Air Show

Egidium Technologies provides its security supervision solution Event Monitor® to Paris Air Show for the 3rd consecutive edition. Video surveillance cameras, access control alerts and geolocation of security teams are all managed from the Central Command & Control center, leveraging a 3D map of Le Bourget airport.
During such a large event (several hundred thousands visitors, area over 400.000 sq.m large), the software solution acts as a powerful tool for doubt removal, incident management and coordination of security operations.`

"Using Event Monitor® allows us to best manage all security and safety tasks under responsibility of the show organizer, in parallel to law enforcement's own operations. Automatic alerts and reporting prove to be highly useful to us during the show, and the complete traceability brings valuable post- show insights for lessons learned. We even extend the tool's supervision coverage to logistic flows during construction and dismantling phases" said Wilfrid Gruner, Logistics Director.

New functionalities introduced this year include a mobile app, allowing security personnel assigned to an incident to input information in the logbook on the spot of the incident, and to stream video to the command and control center to share the situation. The app also allows the command and control center to geolocate security staff in real time wether indoor or outdoor.

« Physical Security Information Management -or PSIM- has had a significant impact on security supervision with an emphasis on improving situational awareness. Egidium offers a multi feature PSIM solution that has proven to be incredibly effective at enhancing operations at major sites » said Anthony Leather, Senior Consultant Aerospace, Defence and Security, Frost & Sullivan.

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