World Security Report2015-06-18 07:36:27

EyeLynx have secured major contracts to supply intelligent CCTV systems for use on several Solar Farms in the UK.

Based on Pharos, the all-in-one rapid deployment system, several units have already been installed around the large perimeters for 24/7 site security and asset protection.

The system uses EyeLynx's SharpView software to record full HD1080p video as well as stay vigilant to potential intrusions on site using iLIDS approved advanced video analytics. Remote monitoring is carried out at alarm receiving centres where trained operators can respond to events on site and make audio challenges where necessary using IMMIX software.

Each Pharos unit records from several HD1080p cameras with built-in video analytics used to trigger alarms and send the main PTZ cameras to areas of activity. Over 2 weeks of high definition CCTV is captured and can be reviewed instantly at any time and from any client PC running SharpView Manager. Pharos relays events to the ARC over the wireless LAN and broadband connection and outputs the audio challenges to the horn speakers. Security officers off site can monitor on their smart phones using the SharpView Mobile app.

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