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Waterfall Security Solutions Elevates Cyber Protection at Taiwan Smart Grid Demonstration Project

Waterfall Security Solutions (Waterfall Security), which specializes in protection and security for critical infrastructure and industrial control systems, today announced the installation of its stronger-than-firewalls, hardware-enforced Unidirectional Security Gateways at the Smart Grid Demonstration Project in Taiwan.

The Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) needed a secure way to provide real-time information from its power plant to the Smart Grid Demonstration Project. Waterfall and its local partner, iSecurity Inc. (iSecurity), worked with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to deliver its solutions to the Smart Grid demo site in Penghu Island, Taiwan.

Waterfall's Unidirectional Security Gateways were deployed to safely connect the power plant control system network to the Smart Grid. The Waterfall gateway creates a real-time copy of a control system on the corporate network, so that Smart Grid operators and applications can have real-time access to the very latest information, logs, reports and other control system data. Waterfall's Unidirectional Security Gateways bring this about without any risk of a network attack originating from the Internet.

"The growing sophistication of cyber attacks poses a serious risk to utility providers, threatening the safety and reliability of critical infrastructure and sometimes even the lives of workers at industrial sites," said Waterfall Security CEO and co-founder, Lior Frenkel. "The recent installation in Taiwan is just the latest example of an energy provider being serious about the protection of its control system and SCADA networks, without compromising the need to provide business-critical information to the business as a whole."

"We are satisfied that the recent installation of Waterfall's Unidirectional Security Gateways has made a significant impact to the smart grid's operations. Users feel more confident within their daily operations, knowing that their working environment is now safe and reliable," said Julian Su, president of iSecurity.

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