World Security Report2015-07-08 07:30:23

Bank Sohar selects TBS 3D-Touchless finger scanning technology

Bank Sohar, a leading commercial bank in Oman launched in 2007, secures it's HQ in Muscat and branches located across Oman.

The Bank required secure technology available to upgrade the Time & Attendance system for the Bank's 30 premises and over 500 staff located throughout Oman.

They selected TBS solution 3DTouchless finger scanning technology. This technology is very different from standard 2D touch-based fingerprint sensors as 2D finger printing can have issues with ‘Difficult fingers' (thin skin resulting from diabetes, high pigment skin, fingers decorated with henna etc.) TBS 3DTouchless technology scans the whole finger, not just the fingerprint. This ensures maximum
security levels and no wear and tear and thus no degradation of sensor over time also translating into highest durability.

The high flexibility and customizability of the TBS
solution was easily integrated by TBS' Partner, United Systems. Seamlessly intergrated into the existing network with various configuration options and tailoring to specific customer requirements including Arabic language on all

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