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iOmniscient and Ajilon have joined force to make our cities SMARTER, SAFER and MORE EFFICIENT

iOmniscient have announced a partnership with Ajilon, a leading Australian IT consultancy firm. iOmniscient's smart solutions are offered hand-in-hand with Ajilon's excellence in deployment of such solutions to ensure successful implementation of Smart Video, Sound and Smell Analytics Systems.

Supported by Microsoft, the organizations are working together to develop solutions for safer and smarter communities by utilizing iOmniscient's unique, patented and comprehensive analytics (video, sound and smell) offerings and Ajilon's significant experience in this market, particularly their award-winning work in the law enforcement and justice, and public sector fields.

Nichole Whyte, Microsoft Australia's Public Safety & National Security Industry Market Development Manager said: "We were delighted to introduce these leading companies to each other with the unified mission of making Australian cities safer by improving public safety with their innovative solutions to reduce crime, decrease costs and improve operational effectiveness for our cities. Combining iOmniscient's proven analytics solutions with Ajilon's domain knowledge, expertise and agile delivery capability, provides a unique partnership to proactively address some of the everyday challenges faced by law enforcement and emergency responders in the Australian market to increase the safety of our citizens".

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Rustom Kanga, CEO, iOmniscient said, "We are an Australian company and have installed our systems in over 40 countries. We are very excited to partner with Ajilon and use their wide expertise to deploy our Smart City Systems in Australia.

"The integrated multi-sensor analytics (video, sound and smell) combined with our Automated Response capabilities has already helped major cities around the world become safer and more efficient. There are an incredible array of uses for the technology from optimizing traffic systems to detecting unsafe or suspicious behaviors in crowds; from recognizing criminals to keeping the city clean and graffiti free. Working with Ajilon we expect to share our international experience with Australian Cities that wish to become more efficient in the way they deliver services and a safer environment to their communities," he added.

Managing Director at Ajilon, Ger Doyle, said "Our experience in developing systems that link multiple law enforcement and justice agencies to enhance their real-time communications and information sharing has shown us that utilising technology has a real and significant impact on the ability of frontline officers and first responders to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. By placing more ‘eyes' and ‘ears' on the streets and better informing the public in times of crisis we will have the ability to greatly increase the effectiveness of our defence, law enforcement, justice and local government safety initiatives. Our work across the Australian law enforcement and justice system has given us a great insight into what this market needs and we are confident we have the right partners to deliver that."

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