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ME Homeland Security Market Will See a Growth rate that is three times the Global Average

According to a recent Frost and Sullivan report, the Middle East's homeland security market will see a compound annual growth rate that is three times the global average, and it is driven primarily by economic diversification and massive scale-up in infrastructure projects such as the centerpiece of Abu Dhabi Airports multibillion-dollar investment program, the Midfield Terminal Complex (MTC), which will have capacity to handle 30 million passengers per year, and up to 8,500 passengers per hour; in addition to hosting mega-events such as the Dubai Expo 2020 in the United Arab Emirates and the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The report also indicated that overall spending on protection, homeland security, and investment includes providing support to multiple aspects, notably emergency response, disaster management, and protection of critical infrastructure, as well as transportation security, biological defense, and internet security among others. The Middle East's homeland security market is expected to see a compound annual growth rate and hit 34 billion dollars per year by 2020.

Source: ME NewsWire

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