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Core Systems Introduces FAA Compliant Aircraft Displays for Homeland Security

Core Systems Incorporated, a leading global provider of rugged computer solutions, announced it will be supplying FAA compliant display panels to support the Minotaur mission integration system, allowing multiple aircrafts to share information from multiple sources, providing a never before seen level of air, land, and sea domain awareness. As the Minotaur system evolves, it will provide even greater awareness for a greater number of users.

Manufactured by Core Systems, the 7", 12", and 17" wide high bright panels were specifically designed to meet aircraft requirements. Core Systems extensive experience in providing MIL-STD-461 and DO-160, along with 810F for shock, vibration, and altitude requirements made Core Systems a perfect match for providing the customized display callout for Homeland Security. The information obtained from fixed and mobile surveillance systems, ground sensors, imaging systems, and other advanced technologies enhances situational awareness and better enables Homeland Security to detect, identify, monitor, and appropriately respond to threats in the Nation's border regions.

Minotaur is an open-architecture, government-owned system. Migrating to an open architecture makes command, control, communications, and computer information upgrades more affordable and gives the government more control. The Minotaur system is currently used on some Navy and Customs and Border Protection aircrafts so the Coast Guard can leverage the Department of Defense's logistics including maintenance, training, and spare parts, resulting in lower life cycle costs.

The quick response and engineering work from Core Systems included pre-production display panels for new aircrafts so they could incorporate the specialized equipment necessary to carry out Coast Guard missions. This process included installation of radar, sensors, and other command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance equipment that enables the aircrew to collect and process surveillance information for transmission to shore and surface operators. Minotaur will be the processor used to integrate those specialized systems. The search for a standardized and supportable baseline mission system for Coast Guard aircrafts became necessary due to increasing unavailability of major hardware components and software obsolescence issues with the current mission system suite.

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