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Metrasens launch of Cellsense® Plusâ„¢ for cell phone, weapon and contraband detection

Metrasens has announced the launch of new Cellsense® Plus,â„¢ which joins the Cellsense line of search and detection products used to target cell phones, weapons and other
concealed contraband.

Stopping illicit prison use of cell phones blocks inmates from intimidating witnesses, threatening victims, organizing crimes and plotting escapes.

Simon Goodyear, PhD, Metrasens' CEO stated "Compared with the best performing competitive products, Cellsense Plus has twice the detection sensitivity and is also much better at cutting interference from surrounding activity, resulting in 50% fewer unwanted alerts. The result is that Cellsense Plus will detect smaller concealed items even in the most challenging environments. With its patented CrossBeamâ„¢ technology, Cellsense Plus enables secure-area protection so you can rapidly create and move restricted zones within your facility."

Cellsense Plus joins the present Cellsense product line, the leading detector of contraband and all cell phones, used in facilities across the United States and around the world, in 38 countries to date.

Recognized as the most versatile detector, it adapts quickly and simply for portable or checkpoint searches of people or objects, indoors or outside. Cellsense is portable or wall-mounted for head-to-toe walk-by screening of subjects, providing a faster and more thorough search that finds small blades and all cell phones, on or off, concealed on or inside the body.

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