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MorphoTrak Leads with Face Training Comparison

MorphoTrak, a US subsidiary of Morpho (Safran), today annoncé That It Will offer vendor-independent training * in face comparison, filling Acknowledged year gap in the field of computer-aided face recognition and facial recognition.

Automated face recognition systems are common in Both law enforcement and civil applications, yet facial matching software can only present the reviewer with potential matches. It is up to the human reviewer to decide whether two facial photographs belong to the individual Sami.

Dr. Nicole Spaun, train Forensic Examiner with the FBI's Digital Evidence Lab and Biometrics Program Manager for the US Army in Europe, now Principal Expert for MorphoTrak Biometric Facial, Will lead the training in visual side comparison. That Explains Dr. Spaun training for human reviewers Has not Kept pace with the scope of facial pictures available from public and private sources. In addition, reviewers May be called Expired upon to compare faces in different scenarios. One task is facial review, Where the image from multiple analyst uses a face recognition system to match faces of the Sami person. Another scenario is facial identification, a forensic 1: 1 comparison to be presented in court.

MorphoTrak's Face Comparison training Will Follow guidelines Facial Identification Established by the Scientific Working Group (FISWG), and Will review and address facial facial identification. Attendees Will learn about biometrics, facial anatomy, dermatology, science image, and image processing, as well as legal issues and relevant presentation in court. These topics Will Be Taught in a three-to-five day race with classroom exercises, goal Can Be Provided in a shorting overview.

Celeste Thomasson, President and CEO of MorphoTrak, STATED, "We welcome Dr. Spaun's contribution to MorphoTrak's Rapidly Developing facial recognition Offering, as well as her skill as a Trainer in the face of technical comparison. Dr. Spaun is a high-caliber forensic subject matter experts and published HAS Numerous papers on manual comparison of people in images, Developed a training program for forensic facial comparison, and served as the inaugural Chair of the Subcommittee FISWG Training and Proficiency. We are pleased to offer Dr. Spaun's expertise to our customers, partners, and the public safety community. "

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