World Security Report2015-09-03 04:41:10

VIVOTEK has launched a new recessed mount fixed dome network camera, the FD816C-HF2, the world's smallest at only 60 mm wide.

Despite its tiny size, the camera features 109° horizontal FOV and 30 fps at 2-Megapixel resolution, offering an ultra-compact design while delivering superb image quality. For spaces requiring discreet protection or where interior design is important, such as banks, retail stores, restaurants, and offices, the FD816C-HF2 is uniquely designed to be the ideal solution.

Providing safety and security for customers and visitors is paramount to most retailers. VIVOTEK, with 15-year experience in IP surveillance knows how to help business owners think ahead and stay on top of security concerns. To inconspicuously protect visitors, the compact size of FD816C-HF2 allows it to blend into any surroundings or roof space, as well as complement any decoration. In addition, the recessed-mount design allows users to install the camera without the need for screws, meaning savings on both cost and time.

Equipped with 109° horizontal FOV and 70° tilt-lens adjustment, the FD816C-HF2 achieves coverage of indoor areas superior to that of an ordinary network camera. Incorporating advanced features like WDR Pro allows the camera to maintain optimal image quality around the clock and deliver unparalleled clarity under high-contrast lighting environments. Further enhancing viewing capability, 3D Noise Reduction technology enables the camera to capture clear video under low-light conditions.

To intelligently allocate bandwidth, the FD816C-HF2 also features Smart Stream Technology, which works to optimize resolution for a desired object or area and thus to maximize bandwidth usage. Finally, enabling the most flexible installation, users can choose either a recessed mount or optional pendant mount installation (coming soon) in order to optimize the mounting configuration.

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