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J&S Franklin launch new product at DSEI 2015

J&S Franklin will be demonstrating a new product of the DefenCell range at DSEI 2015.

Developed jointly between J&S Franklin and Reid Steel, The DefenCell Expeditionary HVM gate is a security gate mounted in a DefenCell MAC Gabion. It is designed to be rapidly installed as an expedient solution for perimeter security and access control. The 2.5m gates are each mounted in three DefenCell MAC 1 gabions giving a 5m gap and are engineered to provide protection against 3,500kgs vehicle.

The gabions can be filled on site using locally available fill materials such as earth or sand.
Additional wider and higher protection HVM gates for temporary or permanent applications are also available. These can be mounted on bollards or locally produced ‘Dragons Teeth' using concrete and provided formwork kits.

For further details or to arrange a demonstration please visit Stand No; N9-484 DSEI, Excel, London. 15th to 18th September, 2015

For more information contact:
Franklin House
151 Strand
United Kingdom
Tel:     +44 20 7836 5746
Fax:     +44 20 7836 2784



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