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The World 1st Composite (Aramid) and Lightest Helmet with VPAM Certification

Busch PROtective have reached a superior level of ballistic protection for Law Enforcement Offi cers (LEOs'). The AMP-1 TP is the lightest and very fi rst 100% Aramid helmet to achieve VPAM (HVN-2009 - Prüfstufe 3) certifi cation.

This helmet is manufactured using our patented EBSP process which gives it elite ballistic capabilities, previously only possible with titanium helmets. The helmets capabilities include being able to stop bullets up to 20mm from the helmet edge, stop multiple shot impacts on a small surface area and seriously limits head trauma. These increased capabilities enhance the helmets protective area by up to 50% compared to standard ballistic helmets! These are very critical features for LEOs'.

In most situations officers entering the threat area will be exposed from all angles.

The probability of multiple shots or edge shots to the head are realistic threats. Another key factor we seriously consider is the after effect of a shooting. VPAM testing measures back-face deformation, ensuring that when the helmet is hit by a bullet there is minimal energy transfer from the helmet shell to the head. This area is commonly overlooked, as most ballistic helmets on the market claim to stop the bullet but are primarily designed to protect against fragmentation.

On impact the bullets kinetic energy causes huge deformations to the helmet shell, leading the helmet to bulge into the users head causing serious head and brain injury. Our EBSP process counters this threat reducing this energy by up to 800%, therefore offering the best tested and certified protection possible. Lastly this helmet has high fragmentation protection capability exceeding 650 m/s according to STANAG 2920 and a 25% reduction in weight compared to other VPAM certified helmets.

We have talked with Special Police Units and found that there is a need for a protective helmet that can offer a unique level of protection, that outweighs the current protective standards, has unique capabilities to counter the specific threats faced during operations and is lightweight and comfortable for long operational periods.

The answer to their question was the development of the AMP-1 TP (combined with EBSP technology and VPAM certification). Officers require the best protective equipment, with lightweight capability as this guarantees a high level of performance and comfort. Our goal was to offer this functional capability without impeding the officers' performance capabilities.

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