World Security Report2015-09-21 04:50:27

At this year's DSEI in London, Dutch company Ziuz demonstrated the recently developed Strix® observation camera

Strix enables surveillance recordings to be made both day and night. The combination of CMOS technology and ambient light enhancement (using a Photonis XR5TM tube) means the camera can produce HD quality images even in the dead of night. And as the Strix uses ambient light enhancement there's no need for infrared, so the camera is hard to detect when used in stealth operations. What's more, with energy consumption at only 4 Watts, the Strix observation camera can operate on a battery pack for days on end.

The Strix is particularly suited to surveillance operations in areas where there is insufficient natural or artificial light for a standard night vision camera to be able to film. Which means the Strix® can be used for surveillance in industrial ports, and as part of security operations against illegal wildlife trade and for valuable infrastructures.

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