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Atos and Airbus Defence and Space sign a strategic agreement in the field of cyber security

Airbus Defence and Space have agreed to join forces in response to the growing demand for cyber security solutions. The two companies have signed a strategic partnership agreement on research and development and the provision of a complementary range of products, services and solutions designed to counteract cyber-attacks.

Today, organisations are targeted by an increasing number of sophisticated attacks designed to steal sensitive information or intellectual property from them or to disrupt their operations. In this context, the security needs of organisations are skyrocketing and require the most innovative security solutions.

To address this demand, Airbus Defence and Space and Atos - which benefits from the security expertise of Bull - have decided to complement their portfolios in order to provide a larger and more effective range of cybersecurity products, services and solutions.

By combining their respective expertise and research and development knowledge in Europe, the two partners will for example work on the development of security solutions for extended enterprises (group, subsidiaries and supply chain).

The partnership includes a worldwide distribution channel partner agreement. It addresses a broad range of businesses and industries including banking and insurance as well as the public sector, notably the defence market. Together, Atos and Airbus Defence and Space will have the opportunity to better benefit from the growing cyber security market estimated to be worth $84 billion by 2016 .

Evert Dudok, Executive Vice-President Communications, Intelligence & Security (CIS) at Airbus Defence and Space, said: "The agreement signed with Atos paves the way for a highly innovative business model. Putting together our expertise will enhance our cyber security offer for governments, critical infrastructure and strategic industries and will also ensure a strong growth potential thanks to the international presence of Atos."

"This partnership with Airbus Defence and Space is a source of great pride for Atos. It is integral to our cybersecurity strategy. By combining our forces, we come up with more innovation to continually improve the protection of our customers' infrastructures. It is also a great source of satisfaction to be able to expand our range and give our customers access to a portfolio of solutions that is unique in Europe, including the security expertise of Airbus Defence and Space in the defence sector," explains Philippe Vannier, Executive Vice-President Big Data & Security and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Atos.

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