World Security Report2015-09-30 09:48:29

Morpho has announced it has strengthened its offer for digital trust

Morpho (Safran) has announced it has strengthened its offer for digital trust, which becomes the most comprehensive on the market. It is a single integrated solution which covers the full range of identity usage: identity checks, authentication, transaction security and secure archiving.

This solution enables all service providers—banks, insurance companies, government bodies and industry actors—to offer their users a safe and secure experience throughout the entire digital service delivery process.

The next step in the shift to paperless transactions, electronic identity control enables users to easily register remotely for digital services. For example, users can complete the online registration using a mobile phone and biometric facial recognition.

This approach makes it possible to acquire and check identities quickly, securely and more cost-efficiently. Organizations can then use this reliable identity to offer their customers a wide range of digital services, including confidential information access and exchange, fully electronic contracting, validation of sensitive operations and long-term data archiving.

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