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Ukrainian Border Officials and U.S. Partner Aeros Discuss Surveillance Enhancement Program to Protect Civilian Populations in Europe

The Government of Ukraine and Aeroscraft Corporation (Aeros) held a press conference today in Los Angeles, revealing further details about the cooperative partnership to strengthen the border protection agency of Ukraine with additional wide area situational awareness capabilities. The partnership with Ukraine, Aeros, and UkoBoronProm first announced in Kiev earlier this month will see the Ukraine-Russian border protected by a series of Aeros made Elevated Early Warning Systems (EEWS). Senior Ukrainian officials were joined for the conference today by Aeros' CEO Igor Pasternak and CA State Assemblyman, Matt Dababneh (45th District).

Aeros, based in Southern California, produces an integrated border surveillance EEWS with expanded capabilities for persistent air and surface reconnaissance and target tracking/ identification, while addressing mission duration and cost efficiency. The system incorporates advanced radar technologies from FLIR, imaging technology from Selex ES, and will illustrate sea, air and land-based vehicles, their movement and direction.

NADATS' EEWS integrates numerous sensor packages including AESA radar with ground-moving target indication (GMTI) capability, electro-optic and infrared HD imaging system, and geo-locating moving map software for empowerment and simplified use by operators. It will help detect aircraft, vehicles, personnel and UAVs operating within the air and surface environments. The system provides enhanced capabilities and mission scalability, and was selected in part for its simplified integration with existing systems and technology now employed by the State Border Service of Ukraine.

"We're excited to be here in California visiting Aeros, a new partner aiding the Ukrainian government with enhanced border security and protection of Ukraine's sovereignty and national interests," expressed Mr. Oleg Gladkovsky, Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council. He explained further, "We're here today because the first American-supplied Elevated Early Warning System is ready for delivery, marking an important first step in improving capabilities for day and night observation, and when needed, for accelerating appropriate response coordination."

"Ukraine has urgent need for these new early warning detection stations along our border, for improved situational awareness and informed response coordination in the protection of our civilian population from continued aggression," added, General Viktor Nazarenko, Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. "Our plan is ambitious in its timetable, but necessary for eliminating any blind spots along the border. We will work with Aeros in the coming months to establish the first two stations this year, with intention to add six additional stations in 2016, which will provide a critical defensive asset delivering real-time and actionable intelligence."

A division of Aeros, NADATS is a resource for integrated and cost-effective defense and security systems for persistent surveillance missions, built upon Aeros' portfolio of aerostats, airships and elevated ground-based platforms. The division provides mission support for soldiers, agents and commercial operators, leveraging Aeros' unique expertise with elevated surveillance. NADATS' airships, aerostats, and elevated ground-based platforms have been engineered to help make vigilant or persistent surveillance missions affordable. NADATS integrates custom, mission-specific payloads for empowering awareness and action in hostile environments, in border and coast guard, in facility and event security, and for related missions.

"I was raised, educated and started Aeros in Ukraine before immigrating to the United States decades ago, which has led me to be active in supporting increased bilateral ties between my two countries, and efforts to build awareness of Ukraine's strategic and economic importance in Washington," added Igor Pasternak, CEO at Aeros. "Aeros is proud to now be working closely with these and other Ukrainian security partners, to implement a supply of surveillance equipment and security solutions to better monitor the border areas of Ukraine."

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