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Cyalume Technologies introduces its latest innovation at MILIPOL 2015: CyMunition, Chemiluminescent Ammunition Payloads

Cyalume now offers its CyMunition range: chemiluminescent ammunition payloads that are non-pyrotechnic, non-dud producing, environmentally-friendly and address cost and risk.

CyMunitions have many applications in training, tracing, marking and signaling and now allow the warfighter to train without the safety concerns of conventional ammunition. Day and night visible, Cyalume's medium caliber payloads (40mm) provide universal capabilities in light output and duration with important covert (IR) capabilities in both wet and dry range conditions. The Cyalume 40mm low velocity practice cartridge is afixed type ammunition designed to be fired from 40mm grenade weapon systems (M203, M79, H&K69).

Non-pyrotechnic CyMunition payloads

This innovative range of chemiluminescent ammunition payloads are 100% non-pyrotechnic. They provide realistic "hit signatures" that are non-pyrotechnic, and therefore completely eliminate the risk of range fires when training, guaranteeing training cycle completion on time.

Non-dud producing

CyMunition payloads do not produce unexploded ordinance (UXO) and therefore reduce range clean-up costs and greatly enhance the training experience by allowing realistic doctrine training scenarios at maneuver centres.


Unlike most conventional ammunition payloads, CyMunition chemiluminescent technology eliminates the harmful and costly impacts to human health and the environment. The CyMunition payloads are phthalate free, non-toxic, non-incendiary, non-energetic, and perchlorate-free. Cyalume's covert applications leave no residual visible light.


CyMunition payloads have been developed to address cost and risk associated with traditional pyrotechnic training ammunition. They directly address costs related to unexploded ordinance, toxic pollutants and range fires.

The CyMunition payloads are comparable in cost to traditional payloads while offering considerable future cost savings because they eliminate UXO cost which are in excess of 3 times the actual cost of conventional rounds.

CyMunition applications offer the unit commander the capability to train and qualify during both "Wet and Dry" range conditions, allowing the warfighter to complete their respective training cycle on time and within budget.

By broadening its offers to include chemiluminescent ammunition payloads and by developing innovative products coming from the legacy technology of chemiluminescence, Cyalume extends its expertise and shows its determination to offer top-class solutions to military forces and agencies of homeland security and safety. On the occasion of MILIPOL 2015, Cyalume's team is proud to present the latest product innovations as a demonstration of its technological advances, and as clear evidence of its continuing leadership position in the field of tactical lighting and training devices.

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