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Open architecture DRFM from CRFS targets real-time spectrum operations

CRFS, a leader in real-time RF spectrum monitoring solutions, launches its scalable Digital RF Memory (DRFM) platform enabling enhanced situational awareness in congested and contested RF environments.

Aimed at size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) sensitive deployed applications, CRFS DRFM exploits the market leading performance of its Nexus receivers combined with its full featured RFeye® Site sensor resource management (SRM) software providing full data rate spectrum capture over fibre.

Nexus receivers cover the entire spectrum from 100kHz to 18GHz with up to 100MHz IBW with exceptional phase noise performance and market leading noise figures enabling users to see through the noise in crowded theatres of operation. Wideband monitoring via fast-sweep, scan mode coupled with configurable stare modes for 100% POI enable detection, IQ time captures for in-depth real-time, and post-mission signal analysis.

Wide-area surveillance is enabled by scaling from one to many Nexus end-points linked with modular, open architecture Linux CPU/GPU/SSD clusters to turn RF data into actionable intelligence aimed at assured spectrum access in both cooperative and non-cooperative operations.

RFeye Site provides multi-mission capability to monitor, capture, DF, geolocate, record, analyse and playback signals of interest. This under direct user control or via pre-defined mission profiles using automatic alarms and captures triggered by mask breaks or other asynchronous events.

"RFeye DRFM offers new levels of wideband DRFM capability to defence and security system integrators" said Alistair Massarella, CEO at CRFS. "Our ability to integrate, test and demonstrate such high performance platforms and to deliver COTS hardware and software solutions means customers can deploy the latest RF technology within significantly shorter time scales and at lower cost than previously".

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