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Spectrum Systems Awarded $15M Contract with Department of Justice

Spectrum Systems ("Spectrum") has announced that it has been awarded a contract with the Department of Justice (DOJ) Justice Management Division to provide livescan technology in support of the Tribal Access Program (TAP) for National Crime Information. DOJ recently launched the initial phase of TAP to provide federally-recognized tribes access to national crime information databases for both civil and criminal purposes. TAP will allow tribes to more effectively serve and protect their communities by ensuring the exchange of critical data. DOJ selected the first 10 tribes to participate in an initial User Feedback Phase of TAP, which includes an integrated workstation that features a computer, palm/fingerprint scanner, camera, flatbed scanner, and printer to provide access to and the ability to enter data into national crime information systems.

Spectrum is partnered with MorphoTrak, an industry leader in livescan technology and biometrics and identity solutions. Together, Spectrum and MorphoTrak will provide livescan technology that enables tribes to participate in national criminal justice information services through authorized use of and connectivity to the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) systems via DOJ's Justice Management Division. The contract is worth an estimated $15M over five years.

"Streamlined sharing of critical information is a significant milestone in enhancing the policing capability of our tribal law enforcement agencies," states Steve Vinsik, Vice President of the MorphoTrak's Criminal Justice and Public Security Business Unit. "Working with Spectrum Systems and leveraging our world-class research and development resources, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a tailored yet flexible solution for the DOJ's ground-breaking pilot program."

"Spectrum Systems is proud to collaborate with MorphoTrak in support of the DOJ Tribal Access Program," states Barry Culman, CEO of Spectrum Systems. "The solutions we provide will benefit the tribes by offering them access to critical state and federal databases for information sharing related to criminal records for both criminal and civil purposes."

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