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Morpho Facial Recognition Solution for Smart Phones and Tablets Certified by FIDO

Morpho has announced that its biometrics authentication solution has been certified by the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance.

Morpho's Face authenticator utilizes face recognition for smart phones and tablets to replace traditional user verification methods (e.g., PIN, password). The certification validates the quality of the Morpho's implementation of FIDO standards and ensures interoperability among other FIDO compliant products and services. With this solution, service providers can easily deploy facial authentication to secure access to their services for all customers on devices currently on the marketplace. With its first in class liveness detection technologies, which ensure that the face submitted is captured from a live user (and not a photo, for example), Morpho's solution quickly provides universal and strong authentication that replaces passwords with easier to use, more secure and private authentication.

Through an ever-expanding ecosystem, Morpho continues to work with customers and partners to implement biometric authentication solutions more quickly and efficiently, helping drive increased adoption among consumers. Morpho is developing highly secure and convenient solutions that are aligned with FIDO Alliance's mission to revolutionize the nature of online authentication. Protecting users from hacking, identity theft, biometric security technology is a solution that offers convenience whilst guaranteeing a high level of security.

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