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Stratech's iFerretâ„¢ selected for 'live' performance assessment of airport ground surveillance systems in Orlando Airport, US

The Stratech Group Limited (Stratech or the Group) announced that its flagship iFerretâ„¢ intelligent Airfield/Runway Surveillance and Foreign Object & Debris (FOD) Detection System has been selected for performance assessment of a cost effective surveillance system to track aircraft and ground vehicle movements in areas other than runways. These places include taxiway crossings, apron, terminal and cargo areas.

The project is undertaken by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Safety Technology Research and Development Sub-team and the University of Illinois Center of Excellence for Airport Technology (CEAT) as part of an on-going effort to improve overall airport safety.

Stratech's iFerretâ„¢ will be installed at the Orlando International Airport for the pilot test. The surveillance function of the real-time image-based iFerretâ„¢ will undergo performance, operational viability and cost effectiveness assessments. The results from these will provide key technical information to develop standards and requirements for an Advisory Circular with respect to ground surveillance systems in US airports.

Executive Chairman Dr David K.M. Chew said: "This collaboration with the FAA recognises iFerretâ„¢'s superior and versatile capabilities to meet surveillance and safety needs beyond FOD detection of runways.

"Ground surveillance is paramount to the safety and security of airports globally. Unlike radar technologies, iFerretâ„¢'s revolutionary night vision and superior high-definition images, will equip airport operators with superior visual information that is vital for validation and identification of any security or safety threats on the ground.

"More importantly, the adoption of such systems to track the increasing high volume of aircraft and ground vehicle traffic in non-movement areas around the terminals and ground ramps will open a new market segment for Stratech."

Known for its ability to detect, track and display FOD in real time, the iFerretâ„¢ has been gaining acceptance at major international airports since its certification by the FAA in 2012. Its customers include Singapore's Changi Airport, Dubai International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport and Miami International Airport.

Dr Chew added: "With the growing focus on aviation security, airports around the world will have different safety and surveillance needs. We will continue to improve our proprietary technologies to expand the capabilities of iFerretâ„¢ to meet the specific safety requirements of all airport surfaces."

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