World Security Report2016-02-18 09:38:50

Stratech's launches the new Super EOSâ„¢, an upgraded iFerretâ„¢ system with up to 200x zoom capability applicable to border and maritime surveillance

With the intelligent Vision-based iFerretâ„¢ airfield/runway surveillance and FOD detection system as the base infrastructure, the Stratech unveiled its three newly developed products - the Super EOSâ„¢, iFerretâ„¢ Hydra and iFerretâ„¢ Mobile - for enhanced border and maritime surveillance as well as specific airport safety needs.

Executive Chairman Dr David K.M. Chew said: "Our latest product offering proves how powerful and versatile the iFerretâ„¢ is as the system can be easily and effectively adapted to provide customised solutions for various specific safety and surveillance needs on land and sea".

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