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Vision-Box reveals new framework for biometric Border Control Orchestration

In a time where severe security threats haunt international borders around the world, one of the greatest challenges that arises is how to involve all government and travel industry stakeholders in ensuring physical security of borders, facilitating traveler flow and safeguarding personally identifiable information.

Vision-Box has developed an innovative integrated approach to Border Management and Traveler Facilitation, which includes a powerful orchestration platform connecting different land, air and sea border immigration systems with traveler-centric self-service touchpoints for biometric verification at every Entry/Exit port of a country.

Orchestraâ„¢ is a comprehensive common-use-based platform for integrated border management, aggregating valuable actionable intelligence tools to guarantee a reliable identification of travelers and of people of interest, risk anticipation, passenger flow monitoring in real-time, process exception handling and the improvement of overall monitoring metrics of traveler flows, through an unmatched data analytics capability.

Orchestraâ„¢ is devised for managed services, joining border control authorities, government, as well as other Travel Industry stakeholders, such as airports and airlines, always complying with the Privacy by Design principle for secure, segmented information transactions.

In the particular context of the USA a pilot at Otay Mesa land border crossing is demonstrating how face and iris biometric recognition at self-service kiosks facilitates immigration process and enhances border security. JFK International Airport has recently started using facial recognition technology at immigration booths to match traveler's faces to the photo on their passport, which is a significant step forward in conducting biometric verification of every person requesting admission to the United States. And these are some recent major projects. In fact, all major international US airports are already benefiting from Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks with face recognition technology to speed up the entry process for international arriving passengers, including Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas and New York JFK amongst others.

The reliability of biometric identification and verification results in more secure and faster border control processes, with APC kiosks already reportedly reducing average waiting times up to 40% in many airports.

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