World Security Report2016-03-15 15:27:13

American Science and Engineering Debuts Three Advanced Security Screening Systems in the Middle East

AS&E has introduced three innovative scanning systems to the Middle East which are ideally suited for helping authorities combat terrorism and other security threats. New products include the next generation Z Portal® system that combines multiple detection technologies for up to six views of cargo and vehicles; the CarViewâ„¢ portal, a high-throughput, relocatable, multi-technology scanning system for threats concealed in cars and small vehicles; and the Tx-Viewâ„¢ dual-energy transmission option for the top-selling line of ZBV® mobile cargo and vehicle screening systems.

"Security agencies in the Middle East have experienced first-hand how our systems help reduce the level of vulnerability to explosive threats and contraband," said Chuck Dougherty, President and CEO of AS&E. "We are confident they will find that our new offerings address high-priority security objectives and strenghten their ability to protect residents, visitors, and critical infrastructure against terrorist threats."

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