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Honeywell has announced the release of WIN-PAK® 4.4 software suite

Honeywell has announced the release of WIN-PAK® 4.4 software suite, an update to the popular security software suite that now features a better user interface and other improvements, as well as the launch of WIN-PAK for Galaxy® software, specifically designed for the Honeywell Galaxy range of security products.

Available in several versions, the WIN-PAK software suite was designed for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with an in-house security function. The software allows several systems to be integrated into one central location, providing an efficient centralised security function that is easy to operate and manage, and that can be upgraded and expanded in line with the changing needs of the user.

Providing user management and monitoring for intruder, access and video security systems, WIN-PAK 4.4 introduces several new features including a simpler user interface based on user feedback. Common tasks are now easier to execute, only requiring a few clicks of the mouse, and actions such as the importing of user details is now automated, saving critical time and resources. The presentation of information on active floor plans has also been improved, providing an enhanced experience for end-users.

WIN-PAK for Galaxy is the new addition to the WIN-PAK family, offering dedicated user management for Galaxy Dimension. Similar to WIN-PAK 4.4, the software offers simplified controls for an enhanced user experience. With changing security needs within SMBs, WIN-PAK for Galaxy offers an easy path to upgrade or add integration with access control and video saving end-users time and money.

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