World Security Report2016-04-05 08:35:20

UK-based ANPR specialists CitySync Limited, part of TagMaster, have announced the next model in a new range of ANPR cameras, the CitySync 50

The CitySync 50 camera is the most complete intelligent (all-in-one) camera for access control/security, parking and traffic markets.

While other cameras can read plates on board and trigger barriers from a simple white-list, the CitySync 50 offers much more comprehensive on-board capabilities. It is designed to be used globally with a variety of illumination options (both infra-red and white light) to provide the best quality images, regardless of plate type and lighting conditions. The camera outputs up to 2
separate relays based upon multiple rule groups, can output email alerts, communicate directly with LED signs and even act as a Wiegand device. All of this is without the need for further PCs or software.

The camera setup is quick and easy thanks to a brand new web-based interface and configuration wizard, greatly reducing setup times and costs. There is also a HD
sensor which eliminates the need for varifocal configuration thanks to a depth of field of up to 10m from a fixed lens. For even greater flexibility, multiple
CitySync 50 cameras can be connected to the JetParking Server software, enabling car park overstay, or dwell-time analysis. The optional HD overview makes it a perfect tool in a parking or bus-lane enforcement environment.

The camera has been developed through co-operation and collaboration between CitySync and TagMaster technical teams, with valuable input from our existing partners in the access control and parking markets.

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