World Security Report2016-04-06 12:20:08

Altametry has unveiled its new ALTA Tactical SmartBalloon system for persistent low altitude surveillance for law enforcement and border surveillance applications

Each ALTA Tactical SmartBalloonâ„¢ system is composed of a micro-sized tethered aerostat PLASâ„¢ platform designed to be highly portable and provide sustained surveillance for extended mission sets across a wide variety of terrain and environments.

"The mission to secure America's borders has been catapulted into the spotlight of the national security agenda," says Dr. Bertrand Dano, Chief Scientist for Altametry. "ALTA Tactical SmartBalloonsâ„¢ provide operators the capability to conduct effective Persistent Low Altitude Surveillanceâ„¢ coverage by day or night in targeted areas requiring fixed aerial monitoring for extended durations."

The ALTA TriVu is a daytime and low-light system offering PLASâ„¢ through three separate high definition cameras operating at various focal lengths. The TriVu system provides full audio and video recording of the targeted area, as well as a live, encrypted data feed sent to command and control units. The ALTA BatVu is a nighttime system boasting FLIR thermal imaging capabilities accompanied by two low light, high definition cameras recording audio/video and also allowing for an encrypted data feed to ground commanders.

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