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SpotterRF Teams with Integrators to Deter Drones, Protect Infrastructure

SpotterRF has announced milestones in addressing drone threats and protecting critical infrastructure. The company, in conjunction with Black Sage Technologies, is now shipping an exclusive UAVX system to detect and track unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) movement outside the perimeter. In addition, SpotterRF has teamed with IndustrialENET and Bosch to protect bridges and electrical utilities. SpotterRF CEO Logan Harris will speak on these and other advanced perimeter security issues at this year's ISC West Conference.

"Electric utilities, bridges and other critical infrastructure are under increasing perimeter threat," states Logan Harris, CEO for SpotterRF. "The US's 55,000 electric substations and 600,000 bridges are now considered targets that need protection. Inexpensive drone threats require affordable, effective deterrence. We provide that through rapid detection and tracking."

The unique UAVX system leverages SpotterRF C550 compact surveillance radar, Black Sage advanced artificial intelligent target classification , and video tracking software to produce an all-weather 24/7 drone deterrence system that is one-sixth the cost of any alternative technology. It has a 350-meter range with a 15 percent vertical field of view.

In other news, SpotterRF has entered an agreement with and is delivering radar units through IndustrialENET to integrate radar with rugged Bosch MIC cameras to protect bridges, tunnels and electrical substations in harsh conditions. Although the locations are high security and not made public, IndustrialENET is using SpotterRF for major projects in Northern California and SpotterRF has previously worked directly with the Maryland DOT to protect high traffic bridges in that state.

"IndustrialENET has a legacy of providing critical system networking with high availability, video surveillance," states Jon Amack, Director of Business Development for IndustrialENET. "Our mandate is to protect the public by utilizing the best technology. SpotterRF radar is just that."

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